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20170701 - 22:50 UTC+7

Finally I've done small fix to the NTY-Core, cleaning up some remnant codes, and make up some CSS for the "Default" themes. For the past few days such a pain in the ass day, coz some of my family member pissed me off because of that I became little ignorant to every thing :D

Back to the mechanical keyboard, I've already broken the custom mecha-keyboard that I build week ago, by soldering some of switches with overheat temperature causing some of solder line break... Thanks to Pak Pri, who guiding me with keyboard matrix I was able to find the disconnected solder-line and make small fix by wiring it.

playing DOTA for past few days makes me open my eyes, that you should use English in International game server (having mild headache when you met palyer from Phillipines and Thailand, who chat using their native languages >.<)

Well that's all for today, hope I have some idea to improve the NTY-Core...

See ya and good night...