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20170704 - 22:29 UTC+7

today's 4th of July and 2nd day after long weekend... traffic still not to crowded especially at night, this is because school still on holiday. Finally I've figured the proble, in this engine regarding editing saved post that contain image. The predefined class named "postImage" automaticaly deleted by this engine WYSIWYG editor called CKEdit.

Nothing particular about everything else beside I got new side table for my home-office for my laptop. So my workstation getting more neat, and I try to use the Pok3r on home so my desk getting bigger, not cramped just like when I used the full-sized keyboard complete with palm-rest.

At least now I can put 2 glasses in my desk, one is coffee and the other one is water (need lots of water especially when you are in full coding mode).

So far this engine run well and need little re-code regarding admin login sequence (currently use $_GET method to post the login information uncoded)

Going to grab some coffee and begin to recode, it just take a minute or some minutes :P