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20170730 - 06:22 UTC+7

Rantarou Production New Logo

Introducting my new logo. It's consist of two letters: R & P stands for Rantarou Production, or R-Pro for short. Thanks to my best friend and bro, Pierre B. "Gambrenk" Setiadharma, who designed it for me in a flash (true he did it less than 5 minutes).

For now on I will mainly do some stuff in creating handwired custom mechanical keyboard, and current flagship product is NTY60-Sylva. The  name itself has deep meaning, thanks to Nityaningrum Duatibumi who give that beautiful name, oh yeah Sylva is latin word for forest

Oh yeah I'll be attending Indonesian Mechanical Keyboard Club Meetup on 12th August 2017 that will be held on Databot Dojo Jakarta, and I'll promote this keyboard there (and might be open sales inquiry too).