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20180101 - 12:39 UTC+7

Another small talk of mine this morning, not much i've done today except playing games (Company of Heroes) for a while, and try some grounded...
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20180101 00:00:00 UTC+7

Happy New Year 2018 \(^.^)/

Wish u all the best, peace on earth winkread more »

20171231 - 18:05 UTC+7

Just update this blog using last commited engine, at this time I'm developing some commenting module at posting content.
At the moment it work...
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20171226 - 10:01 UTC+7

5 days left in year 2017, there's lot of this year resolution not yet accomplished, perhaps I shouldn't make any for the next year. Just let...
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Critical Bug occured

Critical bug has occured when using this CMS on firefox quantum, some of it's Ajax function won't work correctly..

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